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Air Techniques has the equipment and personnel to conduct NOX, SO2, CO, O2, and total VOC emissions testing using the latest state-of-the-art instrumentation.  Our experienced staff has tested a wide variety of sources, so they can easily adapt to a non-typical source that may have high moisture, high particulate, etc.  In addition to compliance testing, our experience with instrumental analyzers is very beneficial to our clients that are conducting engineering studies.  By delivering instantaneous and accurate measurements of these emissions, our clients are able to determine the exact process settings that will maximize production, while minimizing emissions.

Our fleet of Mobile Monitoring Laboratories allows us to arrive on-site and be ready to collect samples in a fraction of the time that it takes our competition.   Additionally, Air Techniques carries a complete inventory of both instrumental analyzers and calibration gases.  While our competition is waiting on the rental company to complete a testing project, we have the necessary equipment in stock and available immediately.