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Air Techniques can also conduct the relative accuracy test audits (RATA) that are required with most continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS). As a leader in CEMS installation, our experience in conducting the necessary certifications of these systems has grown tremendously. Our experienced staff has conducted RATAs for numerous CEMS including systems that are monitoring NOX, CO, SO2, TRS, and total VOC concentrations, as well as systems that monitor air flow rate. Not only does Air Techniques conduct RATAs for CEMS that we install, we have the flexibility and experience to complete the necessary RATA of CEMS that are installed by others.

Air Techniques will work with the client to ensure that the RATA is conducted at the appropriate process rate and that all of the necessary data from the CEMS is collected. RATA results will be efficiently calculated on-site so that estimates of the results are known the same day. And if there are any problems with the CEMS, our staff of experienced CEMS technicians will be able to troubleshoot the problem and in most cases correct the problem while on-site.