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Our fleet of Mobile Monitoring Laboratories combined with our large inventory of instrumental analyzers enables Air Techniques to provide mobile CEMS for our customers. We can equip one of our laboratories with instruments to measure NOX, SO2, CO, O2, and/or total VOC concentrations.

These systems can run continuously so that instantaneous results can be collected over several days. This service is very beneficial to clients that are interested in monitoring emissions from a process over a long period of time. These mobile units are also beneficial to clients making process changes. The real time results will enable a client to make these process changes and immediately see the effect on the monitored emissions.

The mobile CEMS will be set-up in our shop to your specifications and then delivered on-site. Once on-site, our team will complete the set-up of the measurement system and verify that the mobile CEMS is generating accurate and reliable results. The mobile CEMS will be provided with the appropriate calibration gases. The system can be configured to automatically calibrate at specified intervals to insure the accuracy of the measurements.