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Air Techniques, Inc. provides custom-engineered Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) and Predictive Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS) for source applications.

Each integrated system is specifically designed for the type of process and gas stream characteristics of the affected source.

Measurement techniques and data acquisition/ reduction equipment and software are selected to meet or exceed the monitoring and reporting requirements of the applicable regulations.




Each System is custom-designed to seamlessly integrate with the Customer site conditions.







Turnkey CEM Systems in Standalone Equipment Shelters.






Monitoring systems for NOx, SO2, CO, VOC, Opacity, Flow, Moisture, Temperature, Compliance and Process Control Configurations Available.




Fully extractive, dilution probe systems, close coupled extractive and In-situ CEMS are available, depending upon the application. Opacity monitoring, flow, moisture and temperature monitoring are included in many of our system designs. Gas analysis by NDIR, NDUV, paramagnetic, chemiluminescence, pulsed fluorescence, gas filter correlation, FTIR, FID, tunable laser diode and others are available for incorporation into an Air Techniques CEMS.