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Over the last decade, Air Techniques has been a leader in the development and implementation of NOX predictive emissions monitoring systems (PEMS) for the boiler industry. By combining our experience in source testing, CEMS implementation, and boiler operations, Air Techniques has developed an efficient, cost-effective alternative to CEMS for certain boiler applications.

Air Techniques will begin by conducting extensive monitoring of the boiler emissions while also collecting data from the various process parameters of the boiler. Using the emissions data and the process parameter data, Air Techniques will then develop a set of PEMS equations that will predict the NOX emissions based on the various boiler operating conditions. Air Techniques will then install a data collection and reporting system that will collect the process parameter data, calculate the predicted NOX values, and incorporate this data into the necessary compliance reports required by the regulatory agency. Finally, a relative accuracy test audit (RATA) will be conducted where the actual emissions will be monitored and compared to the predicted values of the PEMS.

Air Techniques has been highly successful at setting up these PEMS to provide accurate and reliable results, without the costs of a more expensive CEMS. Our experiences with numerous PEMS have also enabled us to make a smooth transition to the recent requirements of Performance Specification 16.