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Air Techniques is a regional leader in the testing of boilers and generators. Our testing experience for these sources is unmatched.

From small package boilers to large power boilers, Air Techniques has the experience required to complete the testing of your boiler. We are routinely involved in boiler projects where coal, natural gas, wood, diesel fuel, and other various fuels are used and know the specific emissions and testing challenges involved with of these fuel types. As a leader in CEMS and PEMS installations, Air Techniques can also assist with any continuous monitoring needs that a boiler system may require.

Emergency generators are another source type that Air Techniques has obtained a wealth of testing experience. The metro Atlanta area is home to some of the largest data facilities in the United States. These companies are relying on Air Techniques to conduct the emissions testing of their generators. Our trained staff has experience with the different challenges associated with catalysts and urea-inject SCR systems that are frequently used to control emissions from these units. Just as important as the sample collection, Air Techniques is also adept at coordinating with the client to insure that these generators are tested at the proper load levels, while maintaining the appropriate power to these all-important data centers.

An additional service that Air Techniques provides to our boiler and generator clients is the annual NOX monitoring that is required for most units in the Atlanta area. Air Techniques will coordinate with the client to insure that the appropriate NOX emission measurements are taken at the beginning of Ozone Season (May 1 – September 30) each year.