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Many manufacturing and processing facilities make use of oxidizer systems to control hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), NOx, and CO emissions. For over twenty years, Air Techniques has worked with these facilities and the oxidizer manufacturers to collect precise oxidizer emissions data.

Air Techniques has an extensive list of thermal oxidizer testing projects. These projects have ranged from the wood products industry, to printing, to automotive manufacturing, and wire coating industries. Our vast testing experience, combined with our long term relationships with several thermal oxidizer manufacturers, gives Air Techniques a decided edge when it comes to monitoring thermal oxidizer emissions.

Additionally, Air Techniques has been involved with numerous catalytic oxidizer testing projects. The baking industry, in particular, uses this technology to control their ethanol emissions. These well known baking companies are relying on Air Techniques, as we are one of the few testing companies that have successfully completed numerous projects using the CTM-042 test method that is required for these facilities.