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For over twenty years, Air Techniques has been a regional leader in monitoring emissions for the wood products industry.

Air Techniques has conducted countless compliance testing projects of the emissions generated from RTOs, wet ESPs, bio-scrubbers, and cyclones. Our compliance testing experiences range from the typical particulate, total VOC, NOX, and CO emissions to the more source specific formaldehyde, MDI, and other HAPs emissions. Additionally, Air Techniques has also been involved with several projects related to the plywood and composite wood products (PCWP) MACT.

Through our experience with this particular industry, we have developed a thorough knowledge of the various wood production processes and the resultant emissions. In addition to the compliance testing projects, Air Techniques has conducted numerous engineering studies of the various process components in this industry. We have conducted emissions monitoring of heat sources and wood dryers to assist our clients in maximizing production, while minimizing emissions. Air Techniques has also conducted countless inlet/outlet type projects in order to evaluate the control efficiency of various RTOs, wet ESPs, and bio-scrubbers used by the wood products industry.