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Air Techniques has the knowledge and experience necessary to complete any particulate emissions testing project that you may have. Whether the emission testing is for EPA compliance or for your own internal engineering purposes, Air Techniques has the ability to complete your testing project efficiently and accurately.

Air Techniques has experience testing a wide variety of particulate control devices including baghouses, multiclones, cyclones, wet scrubbers, venturi scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators (ESP). We have also worked closely with equipment manufacturers to collect particle size data for these particulate control devices. Air Techniques has worked with the asphalt, mineral processing, wood products, fiberglass insulation, foundries, and asphalt shingle roofing industries to provide accurate and reliable particulate emission data. Our experienced personnel is invaluable when it comes to testing challenging gas streams that may be cyclonic or contain high moisture or heavy particulate.

Another advantage of using Air Techniques is that the lab analysis required for particulate sampling is done in-house. Our lab is accredited by the State of Louisiana, Department of Environmental Quality to perform the required particulate analysis. You have the assurance of knowing that your particulate samples will always be in our possession and will not be handed over to a shipping company or outside lab. For more information about our accredited laboratory click here.