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As the technology of environmental control systems continues to improve, Air Techniques has continued to grow and improve, as well. If a new state-of-the art control device has been introduced, you can be assured that Air Techniques will be prepared to assist you in monitoring its emissions.

Air Techniques was recently chosen to complete the first emissions test of the largest bio-scrubber in the United States. This bio-scrubber was installed at a wood products facility to control HAPs and comply with the plywood and composite wood products (PCWP) MACT standard. The trust was put in Air Techniques to provide the initial test results for this bio-scrubber system.

Air Techniques has also conducted extensive testing of countless incineration systems. These range from medical waste incinerators to sludge incinerators. Due to the wide range of materials that are often incinerated at these facilities, trace metals and dioxins/furans emissions are often measured from these incinerator exhausts. Air Techniques can be trusted to complete these challenging test methods efficiently and with the accurate results that you require.